Frequently Asked Questions

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How should I sleep with a weighted body pillow?

There are many possible orientations when sleeping with a weighted body pillow, but they are typically most effective when used in a side-sleeping position. Begin by laying the pillow lengthwise on your bed, then slide your lower leg beneath the pillow and your upper leg on top of the pillow. Your legs should be roughly parallel to ensure proper spinal alignment. Then, just like your legs, slide your lower arm beneath the pillow and place your upper arm on top of the pillow. The most important thing to keep in mind when figuring out how the weighted body pillow best suits you is comfort. There is no right and wrong way, only the way that feels best to you!

How does the weighted body pillow improve sleep?

Weighted body pillows apply light, even pressure on your body throughout the night. This helps activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which lowers your heart rate to relax your body away from feelings of stress or anxiety. At the same time, the cuddle-ability of body pillows induces the release of "feel good hormones" in the brain, such as serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. These chemicals lead to feelings of relaxation, happiness, and stress-relief, all resulting in a good night's rest!

Aren't body pillows only for pregnant women?

Body pillows are very commonly used by pregnant women to align their neck, spine, and hips so they can sleep more comfortably through the night and experience less lower back pain/tightness throughout the day. Our question is: why are pregnant women the only ones who need better sleep at night and less back discomfort during the day? We're proud to offer a product that can help people of all shapes and sizes get more rest, especially mothers-to-be!

Why would I need a weighted body pillow if I'm not a side sleeper?

While our weighted body pillow does help side sleepers keep their spine aligned throughout the night, it also provides many benefits for back and front sleepers. In fact, our founder devised the idea for the weighted body pillow when he rolled from his side to his back and wanted his body pillow to apply more downward pressure on his front side! We recommend trying the weighted body pillow regardless of your preferred sleeping position, you may find it has more benefits than you anticipate, or it could help you discover a new favorite sleeping position.

10.8lbs sounds too heavy/light, are other weights available?

We are working on producing different sizes and weights of body pillow. We chose 10.8lbs and 52"x20" because we think it suits a wide variety of body types, give it a try!

Does the pillowcase only come in white cotton?

As of now the included pillowcase only comes in white cotton. Our weighted body pillow is a standard 52"x20", so it should be easy to find a color and fabric combo that fits your unique style!

Will I get hot using the weighted body pillow at night?

Weighted sleep products do tend to make the user feel warm throughout the night. However, our weighted body pillow is much less constrictive and breathes better than other weighted products on the market. Check out our tips to keep cool at night here.

My weighted body pillow just arrived, why does it look crushed?

Our pillows are vacuum-sealed for ease of shipping. We recommend laying it out on a flat surface for a few hours so it can expand to its original size/shape.

What's the best way to clean my weighted body pillow?

We recommend hand washing and air drying both the weighted body pillow and pillowcase to ensure neither lose their intended shape or condition.